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Since financial data is just one element of making sound business decisions, audit and attest services are the financial reporting tool you need to form a complete financial picture of your business. Audit and attest services are essential in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your financial reporting.


We offer three primary attest services: audits, reviews and compilations; each is designed for the specific need of your business.




An audit is a process for testing the fairness, accuracy and completeness of information presented in a company's financial statements. This testing process enables an independent CPA to issue an opinion on how fairly and accurately the organization's financial statements represent its financial position. It is considered the highest level of assurance that a CPA can provide.




A review is a mid-level assessment and involves analytical procedures that provide limited assurance that financial statements are fairly presented. The independent CPA conducting the review may become aware of modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The CPA then makes the adjustments known to the company's management.




A compilation involves obtaining the company's financial information from management and preparing a financial statement without expressing an opinion.



Add Value to Your Business

Many business owners think audit and attest services are needed only when required by a bank, surety or regulatory agency. However, most don't realize that audit and attest services provide beneficial solutions beyond just verifying the dependability of the financial statements.


During the assurance procedures, our staff may become aware of opportunities to improve on your business processes and will suggest ideas for maximizing your company's profitability and efficiency.


We have experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can help you.


Let our Audit and Attest Solution provide assurance on the financial performance and operation of your business.



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